To Hunt Or Not To Hunt

          I absolutely love designing and living in Calgary but sometimes, during the winter months, the cold gets to me. My fix for the winter blues? Do what you do during the summer and get outdoors!

          Growing up, getting a Christmas tree involved wearing Santa hats, hopping in the minivan and heading to the closest Golden acres. Running amongst rows and rows of pine trees to find the perfect one (while playing hide and go seek). The most exciting part was watching my dad haul the tree into the house. The hardest part was waiting overnight to let the tree branches fall before decorating.


          For the past couple of years, I have taken up hunting in the great outdoors. Hunting Christmas trees that is! I’m not going to lie, at first my expectations of a perfectly full and triangular tree were shattered when I came home with a ‘charlie brown’ tree. Year after year the skinny and ‘bare in some places’ scraggly tree grew on me as it became a testament to the tiring hunt that ensued. Trekking through deep snow, climbing over fallen trees, finding a decent contestant but always curious to see if there’s a better option just over the hill…most times I wished we brought cookie crumbs just to find our way back to the truck!

          All you need is a lumberjack (or a set of muscles), a saw, a roof rack/truck, a $5 permit and, if you wanted to get really festive, a thermos of hot chocolate with Bailey’s.

          The anticipation of the hunt grows each year and the competition to find a better tree then last makes you trek further and further into the outdoors.

           To get more information as to how you can take up hunting (Christmas trees) or to obtain a permit, click the links below:

          For those that don’t want to have a run in with wildlife (at most, a squirrel) but still want the outdoor experience then head to Raven Ridge Tree Farm (