Welcome to The Gioia Blog


At Gioia Interiors I treat everyone like family so why don’t you grab yourself a cup of coffee/tea (it will be needed, this is a long one), get comfortable and join me on the launch of a new and improved look!

I get to connect with clients on a deep level, finding out about the little things that make them tick, and so it is only fair if I share the story of how Gioia started, and what the name means, before you jump into the visually pretty details while touring the new website.

Most people are familiar with the ‘small business conception story’. It starts with a dream, grows with hard work, and one day you can finally take a much-needed vacation (with your cell phone turned off). Now, this story is true for Gioia but there are a few key elements missing.

For the sake of time, let’s start with the dream and what Gioia means.  

My love for interior design didn’t stem from rearranging furniture or getting excited over wallpaper. I was determined to pursue a career where I could help as many people as possible.  Nursing was out of the question as I cannot stand the sight of blood and so I changed my focus to my creative passions and talents. Now I don’t remember what planted the seed of interior design in my mind (no, HGTV cannot take credit) but from that moment on I knew exactly where I wanted to be.


I am in the design industry to help people first, and design functional and beautiful interiors second. Plain and simple. Because of this, each client somehow manages to find a home in my heart and they quickly become like family to me, also known as Gioia’s kin. Which leads me to an important theme with Gioia: family.

Gioia, which is Italian and pronounced joy-ah, does not mean family. Gioia means joy which translates to ‘emotions experienced when in a state of well-being’ (which is the whole mission of Gioia Interiors). So where on earth did I come up with this name?

Italy was where the dream of starting a boutique design firm was first planted in my heart and only grew the more I walked up and down the canals in Venice. Maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was the tiramisu (if you haven’t tried this…I highly recommend it!) but I knew that I would be coming back to Canada with a new-found dream.

My middle name is Joy which is after BOTH of my grandmothers’ names, Joyce. From birth, I’ve had a connection with this word and have made it my mantra to live out each day. Joy is something everyone should experience and creating interior spaces that encourages a client’s ‘well-being’ only makes sense to me.

The idea of combining these two happened during Thanksgiving 2014 when I was surrounded by family at the dinner table. What started as a conversation about our blessings soon turned into a brainstorm session. After a group effort, my dream finally had a name. My brother decided to put a ‘face’ to the name and created Gioia’s original logo. It was important to me to preserve the sentimental aspect of the logo which is why the slanted roof remains. When I look at that roof I see my family.

So, from the origin of the name to the original logo, it all comes back to family.

As I launch this new look for Gioia I cannot help but focus on my family, the amazing clients I have worked with over the past year (Gioia’s kin), and the incredible relationships that have been formed because of this dream. I can only hope that you feel a sense of belonging to this community and that you see beyond the term ‘interior design’ and see the opportunity for a sense of well-being.