The word 'trend' can be unsettling and overwhelming to many at the end of each year. Not only are we expected to set resolutions, drop the 10 pounds we gained over the holidays, and set our alarms for 6:30 AM again, but we now need to familiarize ourselves with the direction the next 365 days will go based on the main stream 'trends'. 

Ask any designer and they will tell you the upcoming trends for each year before October hits. We get asked all the time,"will this go out of style?" or "is this 'in' right now?". Call me a black sheep, but I take pride in turning my focus from trends to introducing classic touches that are personalize and have longevity in the home.

Below, I am sharing some of the predicted trends for 2018 while giving my designer tips as to how to achieve these 'trends' in a way that can be used for many many years to come. Move over main stream!



While many forms of blue (navy, steel, and indigo) stole the show in 2017, Green is the hot ticket for interior accents this coming year. From paint, my personal favourite is Benjamin Moore Antique Jade 465, to foliage, every space should have a hit of this fresh colour.

DESIGNER TIP : I style all coffee tables with some form of fresh green foliage in a clear vase to add height, texture and a touch of nature. My go to? Silver dollar eucalyptus



We will be craving more warmth in 2018 and I am a full supporter of this movement (I am never more than an arms length away from a blanket). Designers will focus more on bringing visual warmth in to each space through using the following techniques: use textiles that are made from natural fibres that absorb light and provide texture (no shiny surfaces here!), use lighter toned wood with a 'bleached' or 'blonde' finish to contrast metal or upholstered pieces, and move away from stark colours such as cool greys, blues or bright whites when it comes paint (creams or taupes are the perfect swap). 

DESIGNER TIP : I like to follow a 25/75 rule in each space. I introduce a few 'cooler' elements (such as the grey sofa and metal coffee table base in the photo) to really amplify the use of warm elements (such as the blonde wood coffee table top, cream toned linen pillows, and gold accents). 



I love personally love white kitchens but we are continuing to show more of our wild sides in the kitchen. In 2017 accent cabinets, whether paint or stain grade, were a huge hit but in 2018 we will take it even further and eliminate white cabinets all together. I am looking forward to seeing some green cabinets mixed with walnut open shelves and white subway tile in the near future! 

DESIGNER TIP : Just like a tattoo, go with something that you've been attached to for a while. Going with coloured cabinets also influences all other finishes that you put in the space. Make sure you include some white (whether in a quartz countertop or subway backsplash) to provide relief for the eyes! 



Chrome and nickel are starting to seem foreign as we got over the fear of using different metal finishes, such as brass and black, in spaces during 2017. The cooler and shiny metals will take a back seat as we use more and more matte and warm metals. 

DESIGNER TIP : I don't recommend mixing more than 2 metals in a space, this includes lighting and plumbing fixtures!